Wealth for the People supports individuals, new businesses and communities to enhance their standard of living through self-employment and growth strategies.

South Africa has overcome many things since the end of the Apartheid regime 30 years ago but a stark division still exists between the rich and the poor.

Wealth for the People believes that more needs to be done to redress the balance that exists. We are committed to working alongside communities, small businesses and individuals so that they can support themselves and others.

We believe in the power of collaboration, connection, communication and contribution.  Using these pillars as our guides we provide training, education, support, mentorship and accountability and walk through the process hand in hand with our clients.

The idea has come about as a direct response to witnessing the level of poverty that many South Africans are living in. On returning to South Africa after being away for nearly 14 years, the founder, Bruce Campbell, found that whilst a level of enterprise is very present all around there are still so many who have so very little and so an honest living can be very difficult to make. 

The statistics are quite alarming.  

Unemployed in South Africa
Unemployment among Africans **
Dependents every African in work supports **
Households in Mpumulanga  earn less than R10,000 a year **

The premise is simple. To use the resources people already have, develop and support them to use them to build a business that will sustain them and their families.


Do you have a great idea that you want to make into a business but you don't know where to start? 

Kick Start

Start-up support, Branding, Company Registration

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Small Business

Are you the owner of a small business but you want to grow and are not sure how?  


Strategy, Funding, Marketing, Staffing

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We work with rural communities to create jobs and stimulate the local economy.


Vision, Communication, Accountability, Plan

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There are many ways to approach entrepreneurship, small business and growth. At Wealth for the People, we seek to use best practices that are being adopted globally and seek to find the best fit for the clients we work with.

We approach business holistically. We take many factors into account and address technology, systems, processes, administration and financials on a practical level but also address mindset and leadership issues that can also hold businesses back. Our team have all worked in many businesses and industries and have a unique collection of skills and experiences so we are uniquely placed to deal with businesses and their owners to achieve their goals.

It is said that everyone has a book in them, well, we have a belief that anyone can have their own business. That you don't need a degree or to even have matriculated to be a successful business owner, indeed some of the most successful businessmen in the world have neither of things.  Business is a skill that anyone can learn. It has logic, strategies, and tricks like anything else and these can be learned. Wealth for the People seeks to equip, encourage and support motivated individuals to take responsibility for their future and be business people that flourish and excel.

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There is so much that can be done with technology that can make businesses run smoothly and effectively with relatively little effort. It is nothing to be afraid of!
When do you need a piece of technology to help? What do you want it to do? How do you want to interact with it? Do you have another piece of technology that you want to interact with? What is the cloud?
Check out our tech page for recommended apps, information, hints, tips, tricks and what to look out for.

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Business Principles

There are set business principles that govern all business aspects. Wealth for the People train in these and seek to establish good practice foundations in all the businesses that they work with. From an overview of all the aspects of a solid business and a basic undestanding of the big picture - marketing, financials, product creation, human resources, manufacture, customer service, social media, supply chain management and more. Within the principles we seek to promote honesty, clarity, transparency through all areas.

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Human Connection

Now more than ever we are more aware of the human connection. Staff, management, customers, suppliers and YOU! People are key to the success of any business and a broad understanding of how these different areas operate can make the difference between success and failure. We look at leadership training, mentorship, communication and coaching to acheive results that will benefit the business and add to the culture, but that will also improve the individuals lives creating a long lasting legacy.